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issa nyaphaga
Dec 15, 2017
The right moment to support the work of a social justice artist and activist. 

A native woman didn’t feel threatened to be painted by Issa. - Giving the current context of the MeToo campaign in the U.S., Issa was surprised she was comfortable to be painted by a man. 
Issa said: “I was an honor to paint her... but when I started applying the color on her body, I noticed that she was in tears. To paint her face, I had to make jokes to keep her face dry.”
Issa added: “I’m glad the body of work I created to heal myself from great depression could help others meet their challenges. For me, people are museums, I explore their soul.” 
Support Issa’s global campaign for his community radio station:

Hope International for Tikar People (HITIP)

Hope International for Tikar People was founded in 2002 in direct response to the needs of community members with immediate and critical health care needs.
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