The Challenges in the Community

Although polio has been eradicated from most of the world, the people of Tikar continue to live with the aftermath of this and other disabling illnesses that most of us have forgotten. Many Tikar and Pygmy people are completely paralyzed while others have deformed limbs and other disabling conditions. These individuals do not have wheelchairs, crutches or other assistive medical devices to facilitate their wellness and independence. Many of them drag themselves on the ground or hobble miles to try to attend school or obtain employment. 

Tikar and Pygmy people with physical disabilities are forced to rely on family members and friends for assistance in order to travel long distances to school or work. These individuals are desperately in need of medical equipment, such as terrain appropriate wheelchair bicycles, manual wheelchairs, and medical transportation which would not only provide them, but also their family members with dignity and independence.


The HITIP Project

HITIP’s Usoko Project provides individuals with disabilities in Cameroon with custom wheelchairs designed to withstand the environmental challenges of rural communities in the equatorial rainforest.  HITIP is committed to delivering quality, appropriate medical equipment and supplies thus encouraging increased self-reliance and economic independence for these indigenous people with disabilities. We are dedicated to removing the inequities that prohibit Tikar and Pygmy people with disabilities from living healthy and productive lives.